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Balloon SpeedRacers - Experience Physics with STEM

Balloon SpeedRacers - Experience Physics with STEM

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Stimulate A Hungry Curiosity Within Your Child's Mind That Helps Supercharge Learning

The Balloon SpeedRacers combines both playtime and education into one playful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) set. This educational playset stimulates your child's curiosity towards learning and rewards them with the joy of bountiful explorations.

  • Learn Through Competition — Have a challenge to see who can launch the furthest and highest!
  • Hands-On, Fun Explorations — Fly it, Race it & Perform Incredible Stunts
  • Build Awesome Teamworking Skills — Work together to inspect, revise and improve each launch

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Bring out the Genius in
Your Little One

Kids would never miss anything for an action-packed balloon racing challenge. Run a short "briefing" before each race with your little engineer, explaining the key concepts that power the balloon vehicle and ways to make it go faster.

Benefits for Brilliant Brains:

Problem Solving Skills

Understanding Cause & Effect

Spatial Awareness and Reasoning

Hand-Eye Coordination

Develop Creativity

Early Head Start to Science

For Endless Hours Of Educational Fun:

  • "How can we make this go faster?"
  • "What do you think makes SpaceRacer fly?"
  • "What had caused the LandRacer to stop?"
  • "Why does the balloon make such sounds?"

Simple questions like these are enough to make any child wonder and seek out hungrily for answers.

Spark your little one's curiosity towards matters of Science and bring out the genius in them!

Be An Astronaut!

Balloon SpeedRacers helps your little one establish a love for science at an early age.

Pretend to be astronauts on a mission to correct the SpeedRacer's flightpath together!

Introduce scientific concepts that make the racer go further, faster and even in circles
— It won't be long before your child adapts these principles to launch racers in the craziest paths imaginable!

What's included

Each balloon-powered racing set includes:

  • 1x Space Launcher
  • 1x Land Launcher
  • 3x LandRacers
  • 1x SpaceRacer

Perfect for kids of all ages and is a surefire comprehensive start to developing an interest in Science.

Key Concepts:

  • Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy changes from one form to another, it cannot be created or destroyed.


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